Those taking a walk in the park the past few weeks can hardly have failed to notice….with funding fully in place, the Hamworthy park paddling pool refurbishment is underway! Hurray!

We’d like to thank the local community for their support, the BoP project team along with local Councillors for their work on the refurbishment project, and the media for their interest in our little corner of the world.

It is fantastic to see the paddling pool renovations progressing so quickly!

Here you can see the base of the old pool being broken up, and the debris being removed from the site. There are trucks and diggers moving around, so keep a special eye on kids and dogs.

You can read more about it on the Echo here.

The real celebration will be when we see our children and grandchildren enjoying themselves in a new paddling pool! Roll on the summer!

Main photo credit: Dorset Dave photography