We’re excited about the improvements going on in the park recently. The improvements cover:

Completed 6th October: Footpaths – Creating a tarmac link from the pedestrian bridge to the promenade (60 linear metres in total)

Starts w/c 16th October: Improvements to the older children/fitness area including the installation of the Proludic Street Workout unit

Signage – Improving the on-site signage with a high end product and introducing signage at Branksea Avenue and Pedestrian Bridge link

Landscaping – introducing new landscape schemes, specifically at the pedestrian Lulworth Avenue pedestrian entrance and Branksea Avenue entrance

Natural Play – Introducing natural play within the eastern end of the park alongside a new natural maintenance scheme. (Note: This did not materialise – perhaps something for the future.)

There is some more information about it at this link: http://www.pooleprojects.net/hamworthy-park-2017.html