Nuts and bolts

The Wednesday volunteers are getting quite used to picking up unusual litter. But why would anyone take the trouble to bring this tray full of new nuts, bolts and washers to the park then throw them into a bed of shrubs?

They had not been there long and there had been no maintenance work in that area that we know about for some years. We would love to know the story behind them!


Snowdrops can be a bit temperamental, they either like a location or they don’t. If they decide they like a place they will thrive. Over a few years, they will multiply providing a wonderful display in our more dismal months giving some hope of better days to come.

Last year, with that in mind, at various locations in the park we planted a number of snowdrop bulbs in the green – a term used particularly with snowdrops when transplanting just after flowering before their leaves start to wither. Since early January, the volunteers have been keeping a careful watch for any signs of flowers. We had all but given up hope, when suddenly, in early February, the first signs of life appeared as seen in the photo.

So if you are enjoying a walk in the park keep your eyes open. If you see any more please let us know as we are still not convinced they like it here – let’s wait and see.

We will be planting more snowdrops later in the spring as we have been promised a further donation of bulbs.

The Paddling Pool

Those taking a walk in the park recently can hardly have failed to notice that a start has been made on what the Friends and much of the local community have been dreaming about for some considerable time, A NEW PADDLING POOL.

There has been good progress with the old base being broken up and removed. There was a bit of trouble breaking up the base of the original 1931 pool underneath.  Being of 1930s quality workmanship the steel rods had been welded at the crossing points making it harder going than anticipated. With that removed, the pilings are now being driven in to provide a firm base for the concrete slab.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for good weather and an easy, problem free build. The time for celebration is when we see our children and grandchildren enjoying themselves in the new paddling pool in the sunshine!

We are keeping track of the renovations on Facebook so check in there for more information.