Have you seen the stag beetles in the park? More on that later.

Our rose bed is looking better every week although a good few heavy showers of rain would help…but only overnight, of course!  Today the Friends’ Wednesday volunteer group planted some antirrhinums and also a number of gladioli bulbs that were left over from the plant sale – it will be interesting to see how they do.

Whilst trimming the side shoots off the trunks of the young oak trees, one of the Friends came across this Stag Beetle (estimated about 7cm in length)  which apparently are quite rare.  Sophie, one of our volunteers, is going to get in touch with the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species who collect information on sightings and locations of these wonderful insects.
On a well-deserved break, the friends got chatting to a couple who had travelled down from Shaftesbury with their two grandchildren to enjoy a day in Hamworthy Park. Unfortunately, the sun was not shining that particular morning which kept them out of the paddling pool, but they were enjoying the play park instead.  They were telling us how they used to go to Sandbanks until they found our park which they now much prefer. Hopefully, they stayed on until the afternoon when the sun finally came out and it really started to warm up.