The promenade at Hamworthy Park is in urgent need of refurbishment. First identified for replacement by the Council in 2000, years of low maintenance and patch repairs have left long sections in disrepair.

On 2nd July, 2020, a hole appeared in the surface of the promenade. Council Officers on the scene described a 4/5ft hole under the tarmac caused by a crack in the seawall at beach level – the action of the waves and tides through this crack had undermined the promenade and caused subsidence.

FOHP asks that these concerns finally be taken seriously and a plan put in place for a full refurbishment of the promenade, and for appropriate sea defences at the eastern end of the park.

We have compiled a report outlining the main issues – click here to read (opens pdf)

One thought on “Promenade repair and replacement”

  1. Money is being given to Councils to make these sort of repairs and roadworks to keep Construction going and people in employment.
    According to the Government’s Business Committee last Thursday: These repairs will have to happen at some time. They are easy to start quickly, so it is better to do them now while our Country can borrow, virtually, interest-free credit and hopefully bounce-back and not be too effected by an inevitable recession.
    It was also agreed in Parliament last week that: More money will be made available and planning permissions will be streamlined to enable such projects to go ahead easier.
    This means that these repairs have an immediate deadline for application.
    This also supports a local green economy and very much part of what people had in mind when they voted for the BCP.

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