*******Since publishing this post, Councillor Mike White has reached out to us to assure FOHP of his, and BoPs, unwavering support. Read more here *******

Dear Friends,

The Trustees attended a meeting with the Council on January 9th regarding the paddling pool refurbishment project.

Paddling Pool Project – funding gap

At this meeting, we were informed by Council officers that the paddling pool project is underfunded by approx £83,600. We were told that this additional funding must be found by 21st January in order for the work on the paddling pool refurbishment to commence. As you can understand, we were shocked! The amount needed and the timescale given to raise the funds seem designed to spell the end of the paddling pool project.

Why has this happened? 

Up until the meeting on 9th January, the Friends had been told that the project was going ahead. We had raised the issue of a potential funding gap at a meeting in October but were reassured by Council officers that the project finances had been evaluated and signed off to proceed.

We knew we had lost one funding bid for £50,000 in late November but, again, had been assured throughout December and early January that the project would be proceeding according to schedule.

Despite these assurances, at the meeting on 9th Jan, we were told there were only 11 days to find approx £83,600 of funding (made up of the initial funding gap, the loss of the £50,000 funding bid, and the difference between the projected cost and the final cost of the project.)

What is being done? 

Council officers are looking for alternative funding but sufficient funds have not been forthcoming with only 7 days now remaining to the deadline. In the meantime, FOHP will continue to do everything we can to get this project over the line.

We have released the £25,000 raised by the local community towards the construction of the pool and have offered an additional £6,000 to the funding pot. We are talking with various funding providers and will spend the remaining time up to 21st January approaching local businesses and looking for additional donations wherever we can find them.

How can I help?

We need FOHP members to spread the word to any businesses or potential donors who could help.

If you can help, please contact our Treasurer, Stan Chatterton, on 01202 568173, visit our Mydonate page, or email us on: friendsofhamworthypark@hotmail.com

Talk to the Trustees

The Trustees will be in Hamworthy park, by the Park Cafe, on Wednesday, 16th January, 10.00-14.00, and on Saturday, 19th January, 10.00-14.00, to answer your questions and to talk to any members who want a more detailed update.

We are doing everything in our power to raise as much money as we can to see this project to a happy conclusion. We are not giving up.

With thanks for your support,

FOHP Trustees

*******Since publishing this post, Councillor Mike White has reached out to FOHP to assure us of his, and BoPs, unwavering support. Read more here *******


We are still taking donations for the Paddling Pool fund. Thank you for your support.

Donate to us through BT MyDonate

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