We hope you’ve had a great start to 2020! It’s a new year and that means plenty to get done in Hamworthy Park.

Below, you can read about the priorities for this year. There will be plenty of opportunities for volunteering from fence painting to prepping the extended wildflower bed.

See you in the park!

Paddling pool and surrounding area

Paddling pool remedial work: Remedial work is due to start in late January, putting right some of the issues you noticed over the summer. When we have more info, we’ll let you know.

Pressure washing and painting the fence: hundreds of you joined us last year to help paint the fence around the paddling pool and play area. This year, we are finishing the job. Parts of the fence need digging out where sand has piled up — then we can pressure wash and finally paint.

Paddling pool wall repair: Some sections of the wall around the paddling pool are loose or coming loose. It’s dangerous. The wall will need to be repointed/repaired.

Promenade entrance to the play area: the area by the south gate to the play area needs sorting out. It’s pitted and the grass is eroded away – we think it needs paving as grass just seems to get eroded away.

Elsewhere in the park

Provision of shade: we are looking into types of shelters that might be suitable for the park. There used to be a shelter in the park, much loved by dog walkers on a wet day, but it became part of the outdoor education centre.

Supplying picnic tables: FOHP are in talks with the council to provide a number of picnic tables for the park.

Seating by Tennis Court: this includes some benches by the tennis court as requested by people who play there.

Promenade sweeping and repair: during the winter, the prom needs regular sweeping – we are talking with the council to see if they will do this. In the long term, the prom will need upgrading.

Outdoor Education Compound: the compound by the outdoor education centre is very overgrown and needs tidying up.

FOHP tool store: we have to take all our tool down to the park every volunteer session – it’d be easier if we could store them in the park ready for use.

Erosion at the Eastern End: the erosion continues apace with the autumn and winter storms. The Council are waiting on a permit – once that comes in, it’s a case of chasing up the work that needs doing.

Extending the wildflower area: after the success of the wildflower area behind the floodbank, we are extending it to at least twice the size. We’ll run a volunteer day in March to get the ground dug, ready to lay the special wild flower turf.

Refurb of flower bed by Ashmore Avenue entrance: the flower bed at the entrance to the park needs some serious work. It needs a plan of action and then a good old refurbishment.

Toilet refurb: last year, the new council announced funds to refurbish the toilets in the park. We haven’t heard anything else about this, but the toilets are in dire need of a full refurbishment.

Out and about in Hamworthy

Blandford road planters: we are continuing to look after and plant up the planters along Blandford Road – this year we plan to add some water retaining gel to the planters to reduce the amount of watering our volunteers have to do in the summer.

Litter picking in Hamworthy: we are continuing our winter litter picks out and about in Hamworthy. We are supporting groups and individuals with practical help and contacts, helping to grow the number of people who are out and about keeping Hamworthy tidy.


A massive thank you to all our volunteers and supporters – here’s to another great year in Hamworthy Park!

7 thoughts on “Hamworthy Park Priorities – 2020”

  1. All great news and well done to ‘friends’ for all the voluntary work they do.
    I would just comment regarding sheter areas..this may be an invitation for youths to gather which could become a problem for this beautiful park.. there are already groups of youths frequenting the park..but providing shelters just provides a meeting place for them becoming smoking and drug dens..

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thank for your comment. Don’t worry – at the moment we are only in the research stage re shelters. We know that shelters in some parks become magnets for anti-social behaviour. That’s why we are looking at a range of shelter types to see what might work in Hamworthy Park .

      You know how windy it gets in the park, so a large shelter might not be suitable, but perhaps something smaller (like a bench with a sun shade attached) would work. Once we’ve done the research, we’ll share what we’ve found out and go from there.

  2. all good ideas but the toilets are the most urgent i think i hate going in there especially in summer when its busy.

  3. Any idea when the damaged rubberised safety matting around the fitness area behind the shut Rockley Sports office will finally be repaired? It seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time!!

    It was vandalised last summer, and the council fenced it off, but since then the fencing has been repeatedly vandalised, and replaced. It’s currently again damaged, and presents more of a hazard than the missing safety flooring it’s supposed to be surrounding. I’d imagine the cost of continually replacing this fencing is now more than the matting repair!

    I was using the facility almost daily, as part of my rehab from a six month stay in Poole Hospital. It’s sorely missed.

  4. Hi Roger, we got an update last week on this. The Council were fixing the equipment last week and this week. Then they said the floor would be sorted in the next week or two. Apparently, the Council team who deals with this had been busy at the Hunger Hill works.

    There was actually someone who was removing the fencing to use the equipment – at one point we were reporting it every week! So hopefully, everything should be back to normal in a couple of weeks. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. Thanks for the Update Dave. No sooner had I typed my first message, than I saw that remedial work had started! Let’s hope the flooring is replaced soon, and isn’t deliberately scuffed up again!!



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