For some time now, the tree and shrub bed adjacent to the Ashmore Avenue entrance has presented a very poor impression for visitors entering the park.  FOHP have now obtained permission from the council to replant it. The Wednesday Volunteers have now made a start on clearing the bed. 

What is the plan?

The two existing small oak trees will remain. Hopefully, some flowering cherries will be added surrounded by attractive low growing ground cover. As can be seen first there is a lot of clearance to be achieved.

Other works

This bed is one part of a programme of works for the park agreed between the Council and FOHP. Other works include the Council clearing some of the low lying shrubbery from the tree island near the new beach huts. This will open parts of that area up a bit. Hopefully, reducing the anti-social behaviour we’ve seen happening there over the summer.

The Council are pressure washing the fence around the paddling pool/play area and will replace rotten fence panels.

We’ll review the works before Christmas and see what the New Year brings. As always, we’ll keep you posted. Watch this space!