Hamworthy in Bloom

You may remember that as well as keeping the park flower beds beautiful, FOHP volunteers take the time to look after various planters and flowerbeds around Hamworthy. Let’s get an update…

Blandford road planters

Despite the recent bad weather, both the flower beds in the park and the Blandford Road planters are displaying a good amount of colour.

Some of the crocus and daffodils are starting to fade in a number of the locations but the hyacinths are in their prime and a few dwarf tulips are starting to appear.

Boots/McColls planter

The one location we have trouble with is the bed outside Boots and McColls.  We find it very difficult to get plants to grow there, we have planted many primulars and bellis but they do not thrive like the ones outside the park cafe. There is a very invasive weed in this bed so if we can deal with that we may have a bit more success.

News from the park – May

Watching the seasons

It was still the month of April when our first rose, pictured here, burst into life. It was very early in the season, but a welcome sight. And hopefully there are many more to come.

flowers hamworthy park
The roses must like what we feed them

A few days later it is now into May and as you can see quite a number of our spring flowering bulbs are still providing a bit of colour in the park.

These have lasted really well.

Another welcome visitor

Last week we had another of our occasional park visitors – a Little White Egret.

For some time now their numbers in this area have been on the increase since they first arrived from France and started breeding in the mid-nineties.

Little Egrets are easily recognised by their long black beak and legs with yellow webbed feet and upright stance.  This one was seen socialising with the resident seagulls at the eastern end of the park.

The power of the sea

The waters within Poole Harbour are generally considered to be relatively safe and not normally known for rough conditions.

Nevertheless, it must have taken some waves of considerable strength to wash up an item as heavy as this. A cast iron engine block complete with crankshaft that has recently appeared on the shoreline within the park.

Youngest Wednesday volunteer

Pictured here is Chloe – a regular member of our Wednesday volunteers. When it comes to litter picking, a four-year-old certainly has an advantage over most of her elderly colleagues.

She can get into places the others have no chance of reaching. Evidence of this is when she pulled out this old bicycle basket from the hedge bordering the railway, it must have been there some considerable time.

She also comes into her own when litter picking the shrubberies at the Branksea Avenue end.  At her low level she can spot litter others cannot see and she won’t give up until the offending bottle or can is in the firm grasp of her litter picker.

Get involved

If you would like to get some fresh air, meet people and make a difference, then come and join one of our volunteering groups.

Wednesday Volunteers – meet every Wednesday in Hamworthy Park, 10.00am outside the park cafe. Just turn up!

Saturday Volunteers – we run a programme of Saturday volunteer events roughly once a month.

See our website or Facebook for further details. Or get in contact.

Hamworthy in Bloom?!

If you’ve been following our progress on Facebook over the past few months, you might have noticed our volunteers have been taking an interest in the planters all around Hamworthy.

Planters in Hamworthy

Some years ago a number of these planters were positioned at various points along the Blandford Road. But for some time they have been sadly neglected, becoming overgrown with weeds and something of an eyesore.

The Friends of Hamworthy Park decided to tidy them up and make them into something to be admired. There are now signs that we have gone some way to achieving this.

Colorful displays

As you can see, the big square planters have really come up nicely with some great displays of colour.

Hamworthy planters

Hamworthy planters

And when we carried out the litter pick in the surgery area, it was apparent that the bed in front of Boots/McColls was in desperate need of attention. So over the last few weeks, we have been gradually getting that one under control, adding some colorful plants and chopping down the thorny bushes.

Hamworthy planters
From grott spot…
Hamworthy planters
…to hot spot!

Guardians of the planters! 

As you can imagine, it’s easy for FOHP to arrange some days to get the planters sorted out, but we need local help to keep them looking good. We already have a volunteer guardian for the planter near Symes Road. This community-minded person is willing to give the planter a bit of care, pull any weeds and chuck on a can or two of water when we have a dry spell. Thank you!

What we need now are guardians for the ones near Dawkins Road, the Library and Tuckers Lane. Ideally, someone who lives adjacent to give them a bit of care. If you are willing and able to be a planter guardian, please get in touch: contact

FOHP will continue to replace the plants as and when required. We are also planning to get a lick of paint on the planters once the weather changes. 


Get involved!
Do you fancy making a difference in your community, meeting some new people and getting some fresh air? We have a selection of volunteering events:

Wednesday Volunteers – meet every Wednesday in Hamworthy Park, 10.00am outside the park cafe.

Saturday Volunteers – we run a programme of Saturday volunteer events roughly once a month. The next event is the Tucker’s Field spring clean on Saturday, April 6th.

See our website or Facebook for further details. Or get in contact.