Saturday volunteers – Keeping Hamworthy Tidy

After the success of the 2018 autumn/winter Saturday volunteer programme, FOHP is running it again.

Caring for Hamworthy Park is our primary goal. But our constitution also states that we should seek to look after and improve other Hamworthy green space.

Working with community groups

With this in mind, we have organised litter picks in the wider Hamworthy area together with as many other community groups as possible.

Our hope is that this will lead to new friends groups for other Hamworthy greenspace that we can share our skills with. The more green space that is cared for by volunteers, the better. This is because it gives local people a say in how these spaces are managed and maintained – preserving them for future generations.

Areas we have litter picked

– St Michaels Churchyard and Cobbs lane – together with St Michael’s Church
– The flower beds outside McColl’s, the area around the Adam Practice, Dentist, and along Blandford Road.
– Rigler Road
– Hamworthy Recreation Ground
– Tuckers’ field, the area outside the library and along Blandford Road
– Ham Common – together with Poole Heathlands
– Bluebell Woods – together with 1st Hamworthy Cubs

Sucess in Bluebell Woods

The biggest success has been the creation of the “Bluebell Woods and Community Garden” group led by St Michaels Church. A chance conversation between the Vicar and one of our Trustees led to us supporting this fledgling group. We helped the project with contacts at the Council and Dorset Wildlife Trust, funding knowledge, and project planning.

The project has now been accepted on the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s “Urban Green” project. It aims to bring the 2 acres of woodland behind St Michael’s back into community use.

This is a great example of how we can work together with other groups to care for and preserve Hamworthy’s green spaces.

Success – Hamworthy in Bloom

Another success has been the replanting and repainting of the planters along Blandford Road. Ultimately, the wooden ones will need replacing. But in the meantime, we’ve given them a lick of paint and planted them up to look stunning! The flower bed outside McColls is a work in progress.

This year’s programme

We have spoken with Council officers and Councillors about potential improvements to Tuckers field – watch this space!

And we’ve got dates for these litter picks up to Christmas:

  • Saturday, 5th October – Bluebell woods, St Michael’s Church
  • Saturday, 16th November – Turlin Moor
  • Saturday, 14th December – Hoyal Road zigzag and Carisbrooke play area

We are happy to take suggestions on places to pick in the new year.

Less litter

The really good news is that at many of the sites there is now much less litter to pick up. This is because we have removed the historic litter and organised regular picks. It is heartening to see that local volunteers can make such a big difference and that regularly clearing an area means less litter gets dropped overall.

Our autumn and winter programme is the perfect way to get involved in caring for your local green spaces – and you can just turn up!

How can I join in?

If you’d like to join in one of our litter picks, we advertise the time and dates on both our website and Facebook page – just come along and lend a hand!

If you are part of a community group and would like to work together on one of these picks, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

You can make a difference, so what’s stopping you?

Poster: FOHP Autumn and Winter Litter Picks 2019

Donate to the Friends of Hamworthy Park with Amazon Smile

If you shop with Amazon –  and who doesn’t – Amazon smile is a great way to donate to Friends of Hamworthy Park.  Amazon gives 0.5% of the net purchasing price to your selected charity.

On the website

Simply go to, sign in and select Friends of Hamworthy Park as your Charity.

On the App

If you are an AmazonSmile customer, you can now support The Friends Of Hamworthy Park in the Amazon shopping app on your Android device! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations.

  1. If you have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, open the App on your Android device.
  2. View Settings and select AmazonSmile.
  3. Follow the in App instructions to complete the process.

It’s incredibly simple and easy to do. So why wait!

Report a problem in Hamworthy Park

It is often hard to know where to report issues in the park. While we at FOHP try to forward on any issues we are aware of, it is really useful and important to have park users report these issues themselves.

It helps the Council or Police to build an accurate picture of the issues facing park users.

Below, you can find information about who and where to report common park issues.

Reporting to the Council

Report a general problem with the park to the Council:

Or give them a call on: 01202 265265

Council “Out of Hours” team: 0800 506050
Use this to report maintenance issues that need immediate attention or are dangerous, outside of normal office hours.

Reporting to the police

Police non-emergency number: 101
Please do report vandalism, threatening or intimidating behaviour (after the fact) – even if the police cannot help, it gives them a picture of the issues facing park users and that is useful.

Use 101 to…

  • to give the police information about crime in your area
  • to speak to the police about a police related enquiry
  • if your car has been stolen
  • if your property has been damaged
  • if you suspect drug use or dealing in your local area
  • to report a minor traffic accident

Police emergency: 999
If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, then call the emergency number.

Litter in the Park – June 2019 Update

litter in hamworthy park

You may remember that last year, litter was a big problem in the park over the summer months. And you’ll have seen it for yourself when using the park.

What’s the problem?

Last year, there was an increase in park use due to the warm weather, along with the Council’s policy of removing some bins while replacing others.

Fenced-in area

Of particular concern, all the bins were removed from the fenced-in paddling pool and play area. This area has a number of picnic benches and is heavily used by families visiting the paddling pool, eating picnics and playing on the play equipment.

It’s the one place in the park that really needs litter bins! Why? Because it is where the most litter is generated. Also, with all the bins being outside the fenced area, parents/carers feel uneasy about leaving children in this area unattended while they take litter outside to the bins. Equally, they are unhappy about letting children out to put litter in the bins themselves as they pass out of view.

The removal of these bins was supposed to reduce the amount of litter being dropped in the fenced-in area. However, it has resulted in an increase in litter, smashed glass and dirty nappies.

Car park bins

Also, the removal of a number of bins from around the car park has resulted in a noticeable increase in littering there. Again, this area has picnic benches and is heavily used – one of the places you that really needs bins.

These increases meant that FOHP litter picking volunteers were in the park 2 to 3 times more than normal last year – an unsustainable amount.

You can read about the issues from last year, here, and a follow up at the end of the season, here.

What’s been done?

This year FOHP have tried to get ahead of the curve with mixed results.

Discussion with the Council

In March, we sat down with the Council to discuss possible ways of reducing litter for the 2019 season.

Ideally, we want bins reinstated in the fenced of paddling pool and play area, and by the car park. We have been told previously that this will not happen.

In addition to this, our suggestions included:

  • Support from the Council litter team on bank holidays.
  • Temporary bins in strategic places in agreement with our volunteers, including by the western entrance to the paddling pool.
  • Signs in the paddling pool area to show where bins are positioned outside the gates.
  • High profile visits from the dog wardens

Of these suggestions, the Council agreed to place two temporary bins in the park – but like last year, they will not put both of them where our volunteers suggest.


FOHP have been running litter picks with various nurseries and youth groups. This helps teach children the value of looking after our green spaces and hopefully, they’ll grow up to respect our open spaces. It also means more litter getting picked in the park.

Local community groups

In addition, we’ve had a number of local groups asking to pick litter in the park. Of course, we said yes! And thank you!

Next steps

We will be making our local Councillors aware of the issues as well as organising additional litter picks in the park over the summer months.

The issue of bins in the fenced off paddling pool and play area is a safety issue as much as a littering issue and needs to be addressed – ideally with the reinstatement of these bins.

What’s on in Hamworthy Park this summer – 2019

Every summer you have the same problem. You just don’t know what events are happening in the park and when. You’d like to go, but you always miss them.

Not this summer!

Get all the Hamworthy Park events info in one place. Now, you can plan for the summer and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

BCP Paddling Pool Opening Party – to be announced 

The date is still unconfirmed at this point, but it’s going to be a party to remember. A chance for the kids to get in the newly refurbished paddling pool – this is what the whole project has been about.

More info as we get it.

Park Cafe Summer BBQ – weather permitting

We are very excited about this one! The Park Cafe is putting on a BBQ this summer. On busy, sunny days, the chefs will sizzle up a storm – can’t wait to see the new BBQ menu! Check out their Facebook.

FOHP Annual Park Fete – 11.00am, Saturday, July 6th.

The traditional annual fete will be full of children’s rides, music, a children’s entertainer and a variety of stalls – including local community groups. A great day out and definetly one for the diary.

Poole Town Rowing Regatta – 10.30am, Sunday, 7th July.

Rescheduled after high winds in June. This annual event is really quite a spectacle. Watch teams battle it out for supremacy on the water. High-speed racing and nail-biting finishes guaranteed.

FOHP Produce Sale – 10.30am, Sunday, September 22nd.

The produce sale marks the end of the summer season in the park. On sale are locally produced vegetables and fruit along with delicious homemade jams, chutneys and pickles. My favourite is the cherry jam!

Any donations of your surplus produce welcome.

What, no fun fair?

What about the children’s fun fair, I hear you cry? The children’s one that usually comes in August?

It’s not confirmed as yet. Watch this space!

And don’t forget….

FOHP Wednesday Volunteers – every Wednesday, 9.30-12.00

If you fancy some fresh air, light exercise and the chance to meet community minded people, then come and join the Wednesday volunteers. Help with a bit of litter picking, gardening and other light maintenance tasks. Just turn up!


So there you have it – all the events happening in Hamworthy Park this summer. If you think we’ve omitted an event, get in touch and let us know!


***** The details in this post were correct at the time of publishing. Some events are being run by FOHP and some are being run by other organisations. Please check with the relevant organisation for more details. Thank you. *****

News from the park – May

Watching the seasons

It was still the month of April when our first rose, pictured here, burst into life. It was very early in the season, but a welcome sight. And hopefully there are many more to come.

flowers hamworthy park
The roses must like what we feed them

A few days later it is now into May and as you can see quite a number of our spring flowering bulbs are still providing a bit of colour in the park.

These have lasted really well.

Another welcome visitor

Last week we had another of our occasional park visitors – a Little White Egret.

For some time now their numbers in this area have been on the increase since they first arrived from France and started breeding in the mid-nineties.

Little Egrets are easily recognised by their long black beak and legs with yellow webbed feet and upright stance.  This one was seen socialising with the resident seagulls at the eastern end of the park.

The power of the sea

The waters within Poole Harbour are generally considered to be relatively safe and not normally known for rough conditions.

Nevertheless, it must have taken some waves of considerable strength to wash up an item as heavy as this. A cast iron engine block complete with crankshaft that has recently appeared on the shoreline within the park.

Youngest Wednesday volunteer

Pictured here is Chloe – a regular member of our Wednesday volunteers. When it comes to litter picking, a four-year-old certainly has an advantage over most of her elderly colleagues.

She can get into places the others have no chance of reaching. Evidence of this is when she pulled out this old bicycle basket from the hedge bordering the railway, it must have been there some considerable time.

She also comes into her own when litter picking the shrubberies at the Branksea Avenue end.  At her low level she can spot litter others cannot see and she won’t give up until the offending bottle or can is in the firm grasp of her litter picker.

Get involved

If you would like to get some fresh air, meet people and make a difference, then come and join one of our volunteering groups.

Wednesday Volunteers – meet every Wednesday in Hamworthy Park, 10.00am outside the park cafe. Just turn up!

Saturday Volunteers – we run a programme of Saturday volunteer events roughly once a month.

See our website or Facebook for further details. Or get in contact.

Picking up glass on the beach

Glass reported on the beach

Following a report that a dog had suffered a bad cut on whilst on the beach, a glass pick was carried out by the Wednesday volunteers.

To be honest, searching out glass on the beach is akin to the needle in a haystack – nevertheless, twenty-four pieces of glass, pictured here, were found.

At least there are now twenty-four pieces less but there could be an awful lot more hidden amongst the sand and stones. Dog owners and parents, please take care.

Obviously, a regular beach glass pick would help reduce the problem but our band of Wednesday volunteers can only do so much.

Get involved

If you would like to make a difference in your community, come and join one of our volunteering groups.

Wednesday Volunteers – meet every Wednesday in Hamworthy Park, 10.00am outside the park cafe. Just turn up!

Saturday Volunteers – we run a programme of Saturday volunteer events roughly once a month.

See our website or Facebook for further details. Or get in contact.