Paddling Pool Wins Asda Tokens Scheme!

Here it is! A whopping £500 raised from the Asda green token Community Fund scheme.

The crew at ASDA Poole said they have never had such an overwhelming response.  Their lovely Community Champion Rona actually complained that she was having to empty the tokens EVERY DAY to keep up as people were complaining the containers were too full!

We’d like to send a great big thank you to the people at ASDA, and to all of you who supported the Hamworthy park paddling pool with your green tokens.

Hamworthy is a brilliant place to live and we just love our paddling pool.

To date we have raised over £20k towards the paddling pool.

Hannah’s Brownsea Swim

Super Hannah, manager of The Park Café, Hamworthy volunteered to swim a momentus distance around Brownsea Island to raise money for the Paddling Pool refurbishment.

It was 4.6 miles – an epic distance for swimming.

Hannah initially set a target of £200 which she’s smashed raising over £1000 towards the paddling pool with the help of the local community.

Next time you see Hannah in the Cafe why not tell her she’s just a superstar!

You can continue to donate to the paddling pool fund at the link below. To date out community has raised over £30k for the refurbishment.

Twin Sails Infants Love Hamworthy Park

We teamed up with Twin Sails Infants School for their “Love Where You Live Week”.

The children learned all about Hamworthy and about the Park, we attended their assembly and gave a little bit of history about the pool.

During the week the children made vases and crafts to sell, then the sold them at a sale in the playground on Friday and raised an incredible £220 for the paddling pool fund.

All the children also made these beautiful splashes that say why they love the pool and what a difference it makes to their lives and their summer holidays.

We used these images to support our grant applications to explain why the paddling pool is really important to our community.

You can still donate to the paddling pool find online. To date we have raised obver £30k from our community to support a refurbishment.

Stone Picking At Eastern Edge Of Park

Thanks to the Community’s fantastic support at the families stone picking morning, and the continued work of our fab Wed AM volunteers, the wire fence is down and the eastern park land is back in use!

The area surrounding the new footbridge  was covered with a significant number of large stones following the bridge installation.

The area was fenced off to allow the grass to regrow, but the presence of rubble prevented the fence from being removed and the land returned to public use.

Over 20 families helped clear the grass of stones and bring this beautiful area of park land back into use. It was good to see some new faces and also have the support from Karl from the Council who was there in his spare time with his wife to help.

Doesn’t it look great!

Harbour Reach Footbridge


In December 2015 we celebrated the opening of the pedestrian and cycle bridge across the railway at Hamworthy, linking the Harbour Reach development with Hamworthy Park.

The crossing was built by Avon Construction and provides safe and easy access for residents walking or cycling from the Harbour Reach development over the tracks to Hamworthy Park. It forms part of an important pedestrian and cycle route that links Poole Town with Hamworthy, allowing residents to avoid significant sections of the busy Blandford Road.

The bridge was campaigned for by Friends of Hamworthy Park over a period of 10 years.