Promenade repair and replacement

The promenade at Hamworthy Park is in urgent need of refurbishment. First identified for replacement by the Council in 2000, years of low maintenance and patch repairs have left long sections in disrepair.

On 2nd July, 2020, a hole appeared in the surface of the promenade. Council Officers on the scene described a 4/5ft hole under the tarmac caused by a crack in the seawall at beach level – the action of the waves and tides through this crack had undermined the promenade and caused subsidence.

FOHP asks that these concerns finally be taken seriously and a plan put in place for a full refurbishment of the promenade, and for appropriate sea defences at the eastern end of the park.

We have compiled a report outlining the main issues – click here to read (opens pdf)

The Wednesday volunteers are back!

At last the Wednesday volunteers have been able to get back to some much needed work in the park. (With added social distancing, of course!)
The last two Wednesdays we have caught up with the litter and dog picking and made some headway on the Cafe flower bed. But clearing all the weeds has been hard going.
It is so long since we had any rain that it has been like trying to push a hoe through concrete. And as the weeds break off rather than pull out once we do get some rain they are all going to grow again.
For the moment just don’t look at the front of the flower bed! The wall flowers are over and the remains of the primulars looking a bit sorry for themselve. But as we get things under control these will be replaced with some summer bedding plants.

The iris have been looking good but are nearly over but for now just cast your eyes over the roses.
They are doing exceptionally well particularly so early in the summer and in case you have failed to spot that low down beautiful specimen white rose it is pictured here.

Oldest litter in Hamworthy Park?

We’re not usually in the habit of photographing the litter found in the park. But this container picked up from one of the flower beds deserves a special mention. 

How long ago was it discarded? Could it be the oldest bit of litter in the park?! 

This container, we think, is made from an alloy and obviously contained ‘snuff’ which is an old time tobacco product inhaled through the nose. 

It can’t be a ‘tin’ as that would have rotted away years ago                                             

Cancelled events and volunteering

Given the current situation, FOHP are cancelling our events for the foreseeable future, including both fundraising and volunteering events.

This is to protect both our volunteers and the local community.

Events cancelled include the AGM, Easter Egg Hunt and Plant Sale.

We’ll be keeping you updated as normal with all the park and local news – bringing you a bit of normality.

Wednesday Volunteers – News from the Park

It’s been a mixed bag of Wednesdays over the past month or so, what with the ever changing weather.

Fence painting 

Following our purchase of further supplies of paint, fence painting has resumed on the few panels we are able to complete, but only when we are not too busy with other tasks (and the weather is good!).

Once the council finish pressure washing the remainder of the fence – they did promise to get it done last September when they stopped the volunteers doing it – we hope to organise another weekend volunteer painting session.

Path clearing

It’s been an ongoing job – returning sand to the beach that recent storms had washed into the children’s play area.

Storm damage and erosion

The recent storms have also undermined more areas on the promenade….

And the little ‘Ricky-racky’ bridge has had a tough winter – further erosion has exposed part of the structure, which is rotten.

Hamworthy in Bloom

You may remember that as well as keeping the park flower beds beautiful, FOHP volunteers take the time to look after various planters and flowerbeds around Hamworthy. Let’s get an update…

Blandford road planters

Despite the recent bad weather, both the flower beds in the park and the Blandford Road planters are displaying a good amount of colour.

Some of the crocus and daffodils are starting to fade in a number of the locations but the hyacinths are in their prime and a few dwarf tulips are starting to appear.

Boots/McColls planter

The one location we have trouble with is the bed outside Boots and McColls.  We find it very difficult to get plants to grow there, we have planted many primulars and bellis but they do not thrive like the ones outside the park cafe. There is a very invasive weed in this bed so if we can deal with that we may have a bit more success.

Hamworthy Park Priorities – 2020

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2020! It’s a new year and that means plenty to get done in Hamworthy Park.

Below, you can read about the priorities for this year. There will be plenty of opportunities for volunteering from fence painting to prepping the extended wildflower bed.

See you in the park!

Paddling pool and surrounding area

Paddling pool remedial work: Remedial work is due to start in late January, putting right some of the issues you noticed over the summer. When we have more info, we’ll let you know.

Pressure washing and painting the fence: hundreds of you joined us last year to help paint the fence around the paddling pool and play area. This year, we are finishing the job. Parts of the fence need digging out where sand has piled up — then we can pressure wash and finally paint.

Paddling pool wall repair: Some sections of the wall around the paddling pool are loose or coming loose. It’s dangerous. The wall will need to be repointed/repaired.

Promenade entrance to the play area: the area by the south gate to the play area needs sorting out. It’s pitted and the grass is eroded away – we think it needs paving as grass just seems to get eroded away.

Elsewhere in the park

Provision of shade: we are looking into types of shelters that might be suitable for the park. There used to be a shelter in the park, much loved by dog walkers on a wet day, but it became part of the outdoor education centre.

Supplying picnic tables: FOHP are in talks with the council to provide a number of picnic tables for the park.

Seating by Tennis Court: this includes some benches by the tennis court as requested by people who play there.

Promenade sweeping and repair: during the winter, the prom needs regular sweeping – we are talking with the council to see if they will do this. In the long term, the prom will need upgrading.

Outdoor Education Compound: the compound by the outdoor education centre is very overgrown and needs tidying up.

FOHP tool store: we have to take all our tool down to the park every volunteer session – it’d be easier if we could store them in the park ready for use.

Erosion at the Eastern End: the erosion continues apace with the autumn and winter storms. The Council are waiting on a permit – once that comes in, it’s a case of chasing up the work that needs doing.

Extending the wildflower area: after the success of the wildflower area behind the floodbank, we are extending it to at least twice the size. We’ll run a volunteer day in March to get the ground dug, ready to lay the special wild flower turf.

Refurb of flower bed by Ashmore Avenue entrance: the flower bed at the entrance to the park needs some serious work. It needs a plan of action and then a good old refurbishment.

Toilet refurb: last year, the new council announced funds to refurbish the toilets in the park. We haven’t heard anything else about this, but the toilets are in dire need of a full refurbishment.

Out and about in Hamworthy

Blandford road planters: we are continuing to look after and plant up the planters along Blandford Road – this year we plan to add some water retaining gel to the planters to reduce the amount of watering our volunteers have to do in the summer.

Litter picking in Hamworthy: we are continuing our winter litter picks out and about in Hamworthy. We are supporting groups and individuals with practical help and contacts, helping to grow the number of people who are out and about keeping Hamworthy tidy.


A massive thank you to all our volunteers and supporters – here’s to another great year in Hamworthy Park!