We love Hamworthy Park. Help us promote and protect our Park for the benefit of our local community.

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  • Thu

    Friends of Hamworthy Park Public Meeting

    7:00 pmHamworthy Library

    Since our last public meeting, the paddling pool has opened! This means we are now free to pursue other projects.

    So there will be plenty to talk about as we plan the next steps for our wonderful park, including painting the fence and getting the wall around the paddling pool repaired.

    As well as our regular Wednesday volunteers, we'll be running our autumn/winter series of litter picks starting in September.

    So come along and have your say!

Sand on the Promenade

It’s been a week of high tides and winds! And as such, a great deal of sand and debris had been deposited on the promenade. If it is left on the promenade, it builds up and can make life difficult for wheelchairs, pushchairs and young children on their scooters. So, on Wednesday, two volunteers spent …

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Hedgehogs & Hibernation

Hamworthy Hedgehog rescue are back to give you some autumn advice on all things “hedgehog”. Hibernating or just sleeping?  Hedgehogs are one of the few mammals that are true hibernators. Hibernation is a complicated and often perilous energy conservation strategy. It is not just ‘going to sleep’. In sleep, all bodily functions remain nearly normal. …

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“I hope that the new park will be of benefit for all time to the people and particularly the children of Hamworthy”