We love Hamworthy Park. Help us promote and protect our Park for the benefit of our local community.

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  • Thu
    7:00 pmHamworthy Library

    Since our last public meeting, the paddling pool has opened! This means we are now free to pursue other projects.

    So there will be plenty to talk about as we plan the next steps for our wonderful park, including painting the fence and getting the wall around the paddling pool repaired.

    As well as our regular Wednesday volunteers, we'll be running our autumn/winter series of litter picks starting in September.

    So come along and have your say!

Report a problem in Hamworthy Park

It is often hard to know where to report issues in the park. While we at FOHP try to forward on any issues we are aware of, it is really useful and important to have park users report these issues themselves. It helps the Council or Police to build an accurate picture of the issues …

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Litter in the Park – June 2019 Update

You may remember that last year, litter was a big problem in the park over the summer months. And you’ll have seen it for yourself when using the park. What’s the problem? Last year, there was an increase in park use due to the warm weather, along with the Council’s policy of removing some bins …

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“I hope that the new park will be of benefit for all time to the people and particularly the children of Hamworthy”